It’s All About The People

January 5th, 2012   •   No Comments   

Too often in today’s IT culture we focus on the 3 letter acronym that is attached to a company, ie) IBM, PWC, etc. and equate that to success with whatever our IT initiatives may be. Sometimes that is true but often times that is not true.  In reality the brand means only as much as the people who stand behind it.  I was recently reading about the founders of Costco, one of the largest retailers in  the world and they understood this truth long before they became the giant they are today. A longtime executive was quoted in the article as saying “we learned that you must have high standards of ethics and there is no room for shortcuts. You must do the right thing, even if it is hard and painful”. The people of Costco understood that it is about the people, not about the name on the store that makes people come back. The same should be said of today’s IT services culture and should apply to the services we deliver. RPC has its own dual meaning and 3 letter acronym to draw attention, but it does not insure a successful engagement any more than the others. What does insure success are the people that stand behind the logo and acronym and that they believe in a similar philosophy of doing right regardless of the consequences and deliver an excellent service at a fair price. As I see it, in a world where we have a multitude of choices at every turn, the only real differentiator is the trust that is built between people. I get a haircut form the same person because they know me and do a great job, I get my morning coffee from the same smiling face each day because they know me and take care of me. In the end, it is not the coffee or the haircut, it is all about the people and their commitment to serving others that makes all the difference.